Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping people of all ages from all walks of life in the UK and worldwide overcome stress, suffering, and hardship, and unfold the full potential of life. As the UK branch of the David Lynch Foundation UK (DLF UK), we use stress-reducing programmes that are scientifically proven to promote creativity, happiness, success, and peace. Our methodologies transform lives from within to create a more harmonious and peaceful world, especially focusing on groups who need it most, such as stressed teachers and students, the homeless, prisoners, and the many thousands of war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our approach

Stress in society is rising to epidemic levels. Many children and adults, particularly those who are disadvantaged and therefore at greater risk, are suffering from chronic stress and stress-related disorders—fuelling violence, crime, and ill health, and compromising the effectiveness of education, health care, rehabilitation, and vocational programmes.

We believe that for lasting transformation to take place on the outside then change must begin within. To achieve this profound change we employ programmes that help to unfold the full potential of the individual, at the same time as reducing stress, promoting creativity and energy, increasing academic performance, and improving health and happiness. Healthy, creative, peaceful individuals are the basis of a healthy, creative, peaceful world.

We focus in particular on bringing this approach to education to overcome the epidemic of stress in the classroom for both students and teachers, but we also wish to reach all at-risk groups and the wider society. The effectiveness of the programmes that we use, which includes Transcendental Meditation as founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has been established in hundreds of published scientific studies.

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