Events Highlights

  • Ellen DeGeneres & Russell Brand headline third annual “Change Begins Within” gala
  • Celebrities host benefit gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Paul McCartney headlines benefit concert at Radio City Music Hall (highlights)
  • CNN’s Candy Crowley anchors benefits for veterans & at-risk students
  • Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation partners to launch Operation Warrior Wellness NYC
  • San Francisco school superintendent: the Quiet Time program is “transforming lives, and it will transform our society”
  • Operation Warrior Wellness news conference


  • Maharishi Free School and Consciousness Based Education
  • Children creating peace in Belfast
  • Students talk about benefits of TM
  • TM/Quiet Time programme for students
  • Medication or Transcendental Meditation?

War Veterans

  • Wounded Marines train from the inside with Transcendental Meditation
  • Afghanistan veteran: “I finally felt hope again.”
  • “It was the difference between heaven and hell”
  • Highlights from Operation Warrior Wellness launch
  • PTSD relief
    for officers of the law


  • Empowering homeless men in Harlem
  • Abused teens find strength in a shelter
  • Homeless men overcome anger through TM
  • Breaking the cycle of homelessness


  • Freedom behind bars conference
  • Oregon inmates find freedom from stress
  • Senior prison researcher talks about benefits of TM
  • Prison medical doctor wants TM for all inmates

Families & Communities

  • Children on the Belfast Peace Line
  • Student speaks on inner peace and more harmonious relationships
  • TM on the Winnebago reservation
  • Improving American Indian health through TM


  • Bringing relief from PTSD for African refugees.
  • “My mind can function again. I can sleep again. TM has saved me.”