Events Highlights

Ellen DeGeneres & Russell Brand headline third annual “Change Begins Within” gala

Celebrities host benefit gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Paul McCartney headlines benefit concert at Radio City Music Hall (highlights)

Paul McCartney headlines benefit concert at Radio City Music Hall (news conference highlights)

CNN’s Candy Crowley anchors benefits for veterans & at-risk students

Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation partners to launch Operation Warrior Wellness NYC

San Francisco school superintendent: the Quiet Time program is “transforming lives, and it will transform our society”

Operation Warrior Wellness news conference

National summit on student health & education: Quiet Time in the classroom


video Maharishi Free School and Consciousness Based Education

video Children creating peace in Belfast

video Students talk about benefits of TM

video TM/Quiet Time programme for students

video Medication or Transcendental Meditation?

War Veterans

Wounded Marines train from the inside with Transcendental Meditation

Afghanistan veteran: “I finally felt hope again.”

Mother of Iraq vet: “TM saved my son’s life”

“It was the difference between heaven and hell”

Highlights from Operation Warrior Wellness launch

video PTSD relief
for officers of the law


video Empowering
homeless men in Harlem

video Abused teens
find strength in a shelter

video Homeless men
overcome anger
through TM

video Breaking the cycle
of homelessness


Freedom behind bars conference

Oregon inmates find freedom from stress

Senior prison researcher talks about benefits of TM

Prison medical doctor wants TM for all inmates

Families & Communities

video Children on the Belfast Peace Line

video Student speaks on inner peace and more harmonious relationships

video TM on the Winnebago reservation

Improving American Indian health through TM


video Bringing relief from PTSD for African refugees.

video “Meditation helped me to feel peace inside again.”

video “My mind can
function again. I can
sleep again. TM has
saved me.”